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:: CZECH CULTURE, civic association ::

The Czechs have always ranked among the cultivated and educated nations of Europe and of the world, and still are today. This is the result of centuries of intellectual and artistic activity during the course of their social and historical development, passed on from one generation to the next.

This activity, like every form of human activity, has experienced its brighter and its darker periods, being fully dependent on socio-political and especially economic conditions. History shows us that in periods that led to cultural and education decline there always existed a nucleus of the Czech nation which was capable of rousing itself and seeking ways of renewing and promoting the genuine cultural values that form the intellectual capital of society as a whole. These attributes are to be found in abundance in the civic association Czech Culture, established on the initiative of the violoncellist Jan Páleníček.

The difficult economic situation of our country, and above all some negative syndromes that have had a destructive influence on the taste and basic aesthetic criteria of the current generation at the beginning of the 21st century, are the principal reasons for the initiatives of the civic association Czech Culture, which include the following in particular: